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🚀 How to Start Contributing to KodaDot


KodaDot is an open-source NFT marketplace where anyone, including you, can contribute. This guide is your roadmap to contributing to KodaDot.

💡 Why Should You Contribute?

There are many reasons to contribute to KodaDot. For details, check out our Why Contribute page.

✍️ Getting Started with Contributing

Ready to dive in? Here's how to get started:

1. Visit the KodaDot GitHub Repository

Start by visiting the KodaDot Github Repository.

2. Explore the Issues

Find potential tasks to work on in the issues section. We label issues with "$", "$$", and "$$$", each representing different levels of complexity and potential rewards.

3. Read the Contribution Guidelines

Before contributing, make sure to read the document. This guide will give you an overview of how to start contributing, how to pick and assign issues, how to handle pull requests, and more.

🔄 Understanding the Lifecycle of an Issue

To better understand the process of contributing, be sure to read our guide on the Lifecycle of an Issue.

💬 Effective Communication

Communication is key when contributing to an open-source project. Learn how to communicate effectively at KodaDot in our guide to Effective Communication.

🏆 Rewards

At KodaDot, we reward your hard work! Learn more about the rewards you can earn by contributing.

🥇 Leaderboard

Who are our top contributors? Check out the Leaderboard to see who's making a big impact!

💸 KodaDot's Burn Rate

Understand how we use our resources by learning about KodaDot's Burn Rate.

📣 We are Hiring!

Looking for more involvement with KodaDot? We're hiring!

🔍 Contributions Tracker

Monitor contributions with our Contributions Tracker.

🤝 For Other Types of Contributions

You can also contribute in ways beyond development. Check out our guide on Other Types of Contributions.


Join our bi-weekly meetings with KodaDot contributors to share progress and discuss future goals on our Discord server. Get ready as a speaker or catch up on our past Meta_Hours.


  • Original post from our Meta_Hours 2, bi-weekly digests on progress and development
  • [Github Repository KodaDot/NFT-gallery](https://

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