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KodaDot is always hiring best talent

We are always looking for smart and talented frontend developers. Either you want to start with us as your side-hustle or looking for full-time dedication. Our issues are open to tackle and get rewarded instantly in crypto once your solution is merged to upstream branch.

We can offer you full spectrum frontend jobs at KodaDot

  • full-time
  • part-time
  • internship
  • freelance
  • temporary gig

Qualification for full-time & part-time & paid internship

To qualify for part-time or full-time, we are looking on your

  • past track record on your Github profile, i.e. your open-source contributions matters most for us.
  • co-operation & co-ordination -- how well you help each other in code review process, what's your participation in our issues/discussions/discord
  • how well & quickly you react for particular issues and change requests after review was made
  • what's your overall skillset & experience for us
  • if you are fast learner
  • quality of delivered code
  • you should have at least 10-20 merged pull-requests to our upstream branch main

How to apply?

Get in touch with us via Discord or Telegram

With each closed issue we will pay for your time, because we value your contribution. Hence we value your time, most of your completed a pull-requests, i.e. 10-20 are getting paid.

Which issue you should pick?

You can check recent issues by labels p1 or p2, they are not always easy and we love to have around folks who can crack on challenging issues.

Next stage

Once you've crossed 10-20 merged pull requests, which were successfully merged to the upstream main branch, you will be eligible to join our closer team.

Feel free to reach out yangwao on our Discord. We are happy to give you one or two long-term tasks to see how you can tackle more challenging and complex issues.


The reasoning behind this is to see if we click together as a team in the long run.. We want to save both parties to time to ensure you'll like our flow. We are curious about your character traits, acting, and helping others, if they have an issue with their PR. It is important for long-term team growth as our codebase is getting really complex.


We can guarantee you a payroll from this phase, which will be discussed based on your location, skillset, previous experience, quality of delivered code and time availibility. We would like match market prices. Landing job at KodaDot could result getting payroll on range between 40k-160k$ annual compensation.


Head's up to our Discord - channel #jobs

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