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To scale our development and operations, we prefer paid trials to know developers better and fit the team. The more your PRs get merged to the main branch, the more likely you'll be part of the inner team. On-demand or part-time contributions are welcome, and we will reward them in $DOT.

We prefer to pay out for your work in $DOT, the native cryptocurrency of Polkadot network with bearing value.

Creating your DOT address

To create your DOT address in a safe and long-term manner, we recommend you get Polkadot.js wallet browser extension. You can learn more about creating a DOT address process at the official Polkadot Guide

Sharing your address to receive the reward

After creating an account, you can visit KodaDot Transfer to make a payment link. Entering an amount like 100 USD and clicking the button COPY REWARD ME LINK will copy the link to your clipboard, and you can share it with us, like whenever you are filling up a bug report or submitting pull-request

Your receiving address should be looks like this.${your address}&usdamount=100&donation=true

Switching account/network

While on your accounts dashboard, check the top-left corner to confirm and ensure your current network. Click the avatar to see options to select from and switch as desired.

Checking your DOT balance

Check balances under your accounts dashboard to see that. Because we use DOT, you must ensure you are on the Polkadot network. Check the top-left corner to confirm and make sure your balance is in DOT. If not, kindly switch the network by clicking the avatar on your top-left corner and changing to Polkadot. Your balances will now be in DOT.

Alternatively, by entering your address in the search box, you can check your balance on Subscan.

Bounty levels

Our typical payout structure for bounties is per label on the issue. Here is the table for an overview

The reward amount is in USD, paid in DOT

⚠️ Make sure you can access your private keys and do not use one from a centralized exchange. We are not responsible for any loss of funds.

50-100150-300450-600700 - 10001000+
Beginner, few lines,
a lot of comments/assistance on PR
Required brain use,
smart solution, autonomous
Complex, delivered new shiny stuff,
did not break anything
Dedicated, new feature, rework older stuff, quick delivery timeYou seems reliable, responsible, we can trust you, and you have alignment with project

Which issue to pick?

You can check recent issues by labels p1 or p2

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