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Can you transfer your NFT from one chain to another?

  • Polkadot multichain v3 standard supports that

Bridging Bridging to and from Substrate chains and EVM chains takes much effort but is a highly desired feature in the NFT industry. Merging the collector and customer base has significant implications, so multiple projects focus on making this possible.

Apart from RMRK (Substrate-to-Substrate seamless teleportation natively with XCMP) and Efinity (Paratoken), the following efforts are underway:

MyNFT: an EVM to EVM bridging effort. RMRK <-> EVM Simplification bridge: a bridge developed during the RMRK hackathon for porting RMRK NFTs into simplified IOUs on EVM chains

link for XCM v3:

With XCM v3, XCM is well on the way to realizing its full potential, with several key advancements over v2, released in 2022.

With XCM v3 teleporting assets such as NFTs is enabled

XCM v3 also enables further asset exchanges, and in particular cross-chain NFT functionality, and improved programmability features, including expectations, conditionals, contest tracking, and branching, so XCM messages can be programmed to behave in different ways on destination chains.

If you want to create a NFT bridging functionality, get in touch with us! We would love to help sponsor your efforts!

VitePress generated at SubWork, some pictures from KodaDot