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Understanding the KodaDot Tech Stack

KodaDot relies on a range of application frameworks and technologies to keep our platform operational. This document provides a high-level overview of the key elements of our tech stack, designed to help developers new to the project familiarize themselves with our infrastructure.

Check out KodaDot's NFT marketplace repository to get a quick overview on how the project is structured.

Frontend Framework: NuxtJS

NuxtJS is our frontend framework of choice. It is an abstraction layer over VueJS, making it simpler to create a web application. It offers handy features like easy setup for SPA, statically generated, or server-side rendered applications. In addition, it provides additional lifecycle hooks (e.g. asyncData()) with specialized views and an array of community modules.

Our codebase is structured in an opinionated manner, enabling new developers to quickly get acquainted. Developers familiar with AngularJS or ReactJS will find the transition relatively easy.

To learn more about NuxtJS, check out their official documentation.

Indexers: SubSquid

SubSquid is a service used for accessing indexed and queryable blockchain data. It eliminates the overhead of building a custom backend for Polkadot and Kusama.

To understand more about the SubSquid indexer, read through the SubSquid documentation.

To understand more about indexers, go to the page What is an indexer?

Serverless Functions

Serverless functions help us abstract server-side logic into isolated functions, making it easy to access through API endpoints. This includes tasks like receiving keys and pinning.

For more information about serverless functions, you can refer to this guide.

Infrastructure Providers

We use Netlify on our test environment and Cloudflare Pages in production. Both services allow us to host our website statically, optimizing page speed and keeping infrastructure costs low.

Learn more about Netlify and Cloudflare Pages.

Data Storage

In line with our preference for decentralized solutions, we heavily rely on IPFS for our data storage needs, using as a pinning service.

Learn more about IPFS and


Specific packages in the KodaDot ecosystem, such as vuex-options and sub-api, are used to boost developer efficiency and provide a singleton wrapper for the Substrate API, respectively.

Find out more about these packages in the KodaDot repository.


We hope this overview provides useful insights into the KodaDot tech stack. For more detailed information feel free to join our Discord community if you have further questions or need additional help.

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